A Nonprofit Group Helping People in Emergency Situations

Cowboy 911 is a nonprofit group created to support individuals in emergency situations. Whether a person requires help during a calamity or an animal needs to be brought to safety, our organization is here to lend a hand.

Mission Statement

Cowboy 911 is a worldwide group of people who pledge to offer assistance to others with livestock and pets in emergency situations. We offer a procedure manual and monetary assistance to facilitate the volunteers who rescue animals. Our members have specific skills, access, and equipment needed for livestock rescue. When disasters happen, thousands of small and large animals need evacuation and care. From pets to barnyard animals to wildlife. Assistance is needed when natural disasters strike. Ours is a voluntary movement, our members get involved in whatever capacity and skill they can offer. Volunteers are often the difference between life and death for the animals in need of evacuation. This is an immense service to the owners of these animals, many of whom feel their animals are family.

Be Part of Our Cause

At Cowboy 911, we accept contributions to further our cause. Reach out to us at [email protected]. You can be assured that your donations will be efficiently used.